The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.


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  • Photograph By The Owner Date Unknown
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  • Photograph By Wampa One 032213
  • Photograph By SebastianF 012207
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The following section lists all the Futuro Houses I have been able to identify/confirm. I believe this is the most accurate, complete and up to date list you will find on the web but; while the information presented is as accurate as possible and verified by dated photos, Google Maps and so on it is likely that there will be a few inaccuracies or some out of date information.

If you are aware of a location I do not have listed, a move that has taken place that the lists do not reflect or any other additional or corrected information please let me know by using the Futuro Contact Form below or by emailing me.

Detailed information including precise location, maps, history, photographs, videos and links for each location can be accessed by clicking on the location link. If you find incomplete or inaccurate information relating to a specific Futuro or you have images or other resources that would help paint a fuller picture please let me know.

For a Google Map showing all confirmed locations click here.

Current Futuro Locations | Past Futuro Locations | Unknown Futuro Locations
Demolished Futuros | Lost Futuros | Futuros In Exhibitions | Futuro Myths & Legends
Location Statistics [If 90 Manufactured] | Location Statistics [If 96 manufactured]

  1. Antarctica - Béchervaise Island | Confirmed 092818 | m2 | Googie
  2. Antarctica - Hop Island | Confirmed 092818 | Googie

  3. Australia - University of Canberra, Bldg 5, Bruce ACT 2617 | Confirmed 042619
  4. Australia - Blowhole Creek Rd, Deep Creek SA [Approx] | Confirmed 060919
  5. Australia - Museum Of Old & New Art, Hobart, Tasmania | Confirmed 080618
  6. Australia - Cheltenham VIC [Last Known Location] | Confirmed 032218
  7. Australia - 985 Erskine Falls Rd, Lorne VIC 3232 | Confirmed 021816
  8. Australia - High Wycombe, Perth WA [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 110217
  9. Australia - Brother's Point, Macquarie Island | Confirmed 092818 | Googie
  10. Australia - Waterfall Bay, Macquarie Island | Confirmed 092818 | Googie
  11. Australia - South Morang VIC 3752 [Last Known Location] | Confirmed 040218

  12. Denmark - Egeskovvej 12, 3490 Kvistgård | Confirmed 060419 | m2

  13. Estonia - Lihula, Lääne County, Estonia [Approx] | Confirmed 042719

  14. Finland - Storbroskär, Åland Islands | Confirmed 032319
  15. Finland - Kauhava [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 062017
  16. Finland - Merimasku [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 012216
  17. Finland - Kaitoomäentie 199 21870 Pöytyä | Confirmed 051619
  18. Finland - WeeGee Expo Center, Ahertajantie 5, 02100 Espoo | Confirmed 071119

  19. France - Paris Suburbs [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 052319
  20. France - Aéroport de Lorient Bretagne Sud, 56270 Ploemeur | Confirmed 042819
  21. France - Marché Dauphine, Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen | Confirmed 071019

  22. Germany - Nalepastraße 18-50, 12459, Berlin | Confirmed 061119
  23. Germany - Madertal 6, 72401 Haigerloch | Confirmed 040517
  24. Germany - Die Neue Sammlung, Barer Str. 40, 80333 München | Confirmed 070819
  25. Germany - Herrenweg 27, 65527 Niedernhausen | Confirmed 010119
  26. Germany - Aarstraße 176, 65232 Taunusstein | Confirmed 020719

  27. Greece - Limni, Corfu [Approx] | Confirmed 071119

  28. Japan - Karuizawa, Nagano [Approx] | Confirmed 052119
  29. Japan - 371-0805 2-38-2 Minami-cho, Maebashi, Gunma | Confirmed 052119

  30. Netherlands - Museumpark 18-20, 3015 CX Rotterdam | Confirmed 032017

  31. New Zealand - 115 Huntsbury Ave, Huntsbury, Christchurch | Confirmed 022719 | m2
  32. New Zealand - Christchurch [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 081217
  33. New Zealand - 12A Mcleans Island Rd, Harewood 8051 | Confirmed 022719
  34. New Zealand - Invercargill [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 040115
  35. New Zealand - 13 Park Rd, Warrington, Otago, 9471 | Confirmed 051819
  36. New Zealand - 44 Selwyn Street, Pohara, 7183 | Confirmed 032219
  37. New Zealand - Rangiora [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 060519 | m2
  38. New Zealand - Richmond [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 071714

  39. Norway - Hyttesone I 80, 3296 Nevlunghamn | Confirmed 062819

  40. Republic Of Crimea - Quay Street 7, Hurzuf | Confirmed 022419

  41. Russia - Hotel Tarelka, Teberda District, Dombai Village [Approx] | Confirmed 051719
  42. Russia - ulitsa Atarbekova, 54, Krasnodar, Krasnodarskiy kray | Confirmed 042119

  43. Sweden - Carl Cederströms gata 2, 586 63 Linköping | Confirmed 012219
  44. Sweden - Norrköping-Bråvalla Airfield [Last Known Location] | Confirmed 101216
  45. Sweden - Radiatorvägen 7 702 27 Örebro | Confirmed 050219
  46. Sweden - Friel Getegården 4, 530 30 Tun [Approx] | Confirmed 041419

  47. South Africa - R706 Bloemfontein [Approx] | Confirmed 050419

  48. Taiwan - Tingtão Rd, Wanli District, New Taipei City, Taiwan | Confirmed 070919 | m9

  49. United Kingdom - 1 Granary Square, King's Cross, London N1C | Confirmed 030119

  50. USA - Idyllwild, CA [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 041319
  51. USA - Joshua Tree, CA [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 071019 | m2
  52. USA - 7764 Torreyson Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90046 | Confirmed 060519
  53. USA - 4388 Deep Grass Ln, Houston, DE 19954 | Confirmed 030219
  54. USA - Eagle Crest-Hudson Airport, Milton, DE 19968 | Confirmed 070319
  55. USA - 1304 Panferio Dr, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561 | Confirmed 070219
  56. USA - 2309 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33607 | Confirmed 051719
  57. USA - 1774 Old Peoria Rd, Danvers, IL 61732 | Confirmed 063017
  58. USA - 708 Chs 68, Livingston, IL 62088 [Approx] | Confirmed 070619
  59. USA - 224 Wright Street, Covington, KY 41011 | Confirmed 070719
  60. USA - 52232 N Carolina 12, Frisco, NC 27936 | Confirmed 070619
  61. USA - 390 Hancock Harbor Road, Greenwich, NJ 08323 [Approx] | Confirmed 060119
  62. USA - 310 Beverly Rancocas Rd, Willingboro, NJ 08046 [Approx] | Confirmed 070219
  63. USA - 9961 Central Ave, Carlisle, OH 45005 | Confirmed 051919 | m2
  64. USA - Austin, TX [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 031119
  65. USA - 779 Stevens Rd, Rockwall, TX 75032 | Confirmed 112718
  66. USA - 9573 State Highway 276 W, Royse City, TX 75189 | Confirmed 070719
  67. USA - Woodruff, WI 54568 [Last Known Location] | Confirmed 061218
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Note: This is not an exhaustive list of previous locations. The Futuros listed here were relocated during the time this site has been in existence and new pages within this site were created against the new location. There are many more previous locations that are detailed on various pages including on the individual Futuro pages as a part of the history of each known Futuro and also on pages such as the "Lost Souls" page or the page that lists all of the Futuros that are known to have been demolished/destroyed.
  1. Australia - 8 Hawdon Street, Dickson, ACT, 2602 | Confirmed 092710
    Now located at Australia - University Dr, Bruce ACT 2617 [Approx] | Confirmed 030118
  2. Australia - Unknown Location | Confirmed 061413
    Now located at New Zealand - Rangiora [Vicinty Only] | Confirmed 080618
  3. Belgium - 10 Pastoor Lambertzdreef, 3150 Haacht | Confirmed 2006
    Now located at Greece - Limni, Corfu [Vicinty Only] | Confirmed 091317
  4. Finland - Hirvensalmi [Vicintiy Only] | Confirmed 110111
    Now located at Finland - WeeGee Expo Center, 02100 Espoo | Confirmed 072018
  5. Germany - Hollwieser Straße 7 32602 Vlotho | Confirmed 091306
    Then Germany - Ruhrstraße 110, 58452 Witten | Confirmed 091612
    Now located at Germany - Die Neue Sammlung, München | Confirmed 072018
  6. New Zealand - 6 Fordingbridge Ln, Bexley, Christchurch 8061 | Confirmed 021006
    Then New Zealand - Botanic Gardens, Christchurch 8013 | Confirmed 032507
    Then New Zealand - Cathedral Square, Christchurch | Confirmed 080807
    Now located at New Zealand - 12A Mcleans Island Rd, Harewood | Confirmed 100117
  7. New Zealand - Paringa River, South Island [Approx] | Confirmed 080618
    Now located at New Zealand - Rangiora [Vicinty Only] | Confirmed 080618
  8. New Zealand - 115 Riria Kereopa Memorial Dr, Raglan 3297 | Confirmed 102715
    Now located at New Zealand - Christchurch [Vicinty Only] | Confirmed 102715
  9. New Zealand - 22 Lake Road, Kaimaumau, Northland 0486 | Confirmed 031813
    Then New Zealand - Rangiora [Vicinty Only] | Confirmed 080618
    Now located at Australia - MONA, Hobart Tasmania | Confirmed 080618
  10. South Africa - 22 High St, Port Alfred | Confirmed 011910
    Now located at United Kingdom - King's Cross, London N1C | Confirmed 080318
  11. Sweden - Tönnebro 124, 820 29 Stråtjära | Confirmed 060216 | m2
    Now located at Sweden - Norrköping-Bråvalla Airfield, Norrköping | Confirmed 101216
    And Sweden - Carl Cederströms gata 2, 586 63 Linköping | Confirmed 050318
  12. Spain - Carrer de la Vall Verda 07184 Calvià | Confirmed 101114
    Then France - Impasse de l'Escalette, 13008 Marseille | Confirmed 051416
    Now located at France - Paris Suburbs [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 040119
  13. USA - 3601 5th Ave San Diego, CA 92103 | Confirmed 072001
    Now located at USA - Big Rock Dr, Idyllwild, CA 92549 [Approx] | Confirmed 061818
  14. USA - 7357 Illinois 29, Cantrall, IL 62625 | Confirmed 062709
    Now located at USA - 708 Chs 68, Livingston, IL 62088 | Confirmed 071918
  15. USA - 1243 West Baltimore Pike, Media, PA 19063 | Confirmed 100818
    Now located at USA - Joshua Tree, CA [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 121318
  16. USA - County Highway J, Rockland, WI 54653 [Approx] | Confirmed 053118
    Now located at USA - Joshua Tree, CA [Vicinity Only] | Confirmed 121318
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Still Unidentified

Pierre Bachelot Instagram Photo - Location UnclearI am always somewhat reticent to categorize a photo as showing an "unknown location" since often times the photo turns out to be simply an unusual or different angle on a location I ought to readily recognize but do not due to my all too rapidly aging and ailing memory [if that is the case here feel free to remind me how faulty my memory is and let me know what I am missing].

That said, in the case of this photo, posted to Instagram 112918 by Pierre Bachelot, I am also wondering if the photo has been touched up or edited in some way making the location more difficult to recognize. I cannot quite put my finger on why but to me the photo just "looks wrong"; the Futuro looks to be normal and "as photographed" and it does resemble several units but the location itself does not look right for any of those units, at least not based on any photos I can recall right now.

If you are able to identify this location and/or provide any more information please let me know either by using my Contact Form or by direct email.

Unknown Location 1973 - Likely France Somewhere In a recent Facebook message Norton Cooper sent me a link to a Facebook post by Ina.fr; the post was a of video titled "La pollution plastique - 1973" which includes footage [very brief - only about 2 seconds at 10 seconds into the video] of a Futuro at a location that I do not recall seeing previously.

Given the language and title of the video it seems to me that the Futuro shown was most likely located somewhere in France in 1973 but that is just an assumption; of course it could actually be pretty much anywhere.

If you are able to identify this location and/or provide any more information please let me know either by using my Contact Form or by direct email.

Identified As Finn-Expo In Christies Catalog But Clearly Not SoThe 2007 Christie's Paris Auction "Arts Décoratifs Du XXème Siècle Et Design" which was held on 112707 included the auction of a Futuro House [now located in Limni, Corfu].

The catalog for this auction included several photos including the one to the left which was identified as being from the 1968 Finnfocus Export Fair.

However this photo shows a Futuro located inside somewhere and not located on the deck of the ferry Finnpartner. The Futuro at the Finnfocus Export Fair was never moved from the deck of the FinnPartner ferry and so this photo is clearly misidentified. Christie's is obviously an extremely reputable company but where "Futuro" is concerned photographs are often misidentified and errors such as this are not unusual.

All of that said I actually have no idea where this photo was taken hence its addition here. If you are able to add any more specific information about this location please let me know either by using my Contact Form or by direct email.

Unknown Futuro Location - Tallahassee Democrat 011782The Tallahassee Democrat published 011782 included an article titled "Wanted: Homes For The Homeless". The article begins:

"Technology put a man on the moon, but it cannot build low-cost, mass-produced homes to meet the world's housing needs. Why?"

and goes on to report on the research of a man named Oktay Ural and his dedication to finding an answer to this problem.

The Futuro House is briefly mentioned [though not by name] as one of over 100 existing building systems already in use worldwide; it is described this way:

"... Some are exotic. A fiberglass-reinforced, polyester-plastic developed by a Finnish company (Oy Polykem Ab) turns out dome-shaped homes, retail shops, even drive-in banks that can be assembled like Tinker-Toy parts."

Over and above the somewhat colorful description the most interesting thing about this article, to me at least, is the photo of a Futuro that accompanies it. The photo [above left] shows a Futuro with an entry configuration that I have not seen before that appears to me to be unique.

Futuro - Rockland Entrance Compared To Tallahassee Democrat 011782 PhotoThis entrance is very reminiscent of that seen in the Rockland Futuro but it is not exactly the same. Both show an "extended" entrance which runs up to, and merges with, one of the window "cut outs" but with Rockland we see an entrance that is exactly as wide as the window, in the Tallahassee Democrat photo the entrance is ever so slightly narrower and we see the edges of the window "cut out" start to curve back towards center a little before "meeting" the entrance. The image to the left illustrates [Rockland is on the right].

The appearance of this article in a US newspaper along with the entrance being "centered" on a window suggests a US manufactured Futuro [those manufactured in Europe and elsewhere typically had the entry set mid way between two windows] and thus a US location but for me this is at the least an "unknown" location and almost certainly a previously unseen Futuro.

If you are able to add any more specific information about this location please let me know either by using my Contact Form or by direct email.

Depictions of UFOs and alien activity - AOL - UK Unknown Location 2 FuturosA while back I added this photo grabbed from an episode of The One Show, a magazine show that runs on the British TV channel BBC1. The photo shows a pair of Futuros in what appears to be an exhibition setting in the UK from the 1970's.

This week I came across the photo at left in an AOL Photo Gallery titled "Depictions of UFOs and alien activity". It is accompanied by this description:

"Described as a leisure home of the 1970s, this flying saucer-shaped house - called the 'Futuro' - is made up of 16 pre-moulded segments of fibreglass. Designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, it is being made under license from Oy Polykem of Helsinki by a Lancashire firm (Waterside Plastics Ltd, of Todmorden) and is described as the leisure home of today and tomorrow."

The photos appear to have been taken at different locations but, like the first, this photo looks like it might be from an exhibition setting. Perhaps the differences between the photos might be explained by one or other being taken at different stages of set up in the same exhibition setting or perhaps Waterside Plastics exhibited a pair of Futuros at multiple exhibitions as part of their marketing strategy. As with much of the early history of the Futuro it is difficult to be certain but for now I am listing this a second and different "unknown location" in the UK dating from the 1970's.

If you are able to add any more specific information about this location please let me know either by using my Contact Form or by direct email.

Futuro House - Instagram ipalehti - Unknown Location - Maybe Turenki - Maybe DombaiThis photo was posted to Instagram recently by ipalehti; the location was not identified.

The landscape and in particular the ground below the Futuro is hard to make out but the reflections in the windows look like the area is snow covered. Top right of the photo it looks like there may be mountains in the background. Those two factors to me are suggestive of Dombai. The color of the Futuro and the appearance of the roof vents is also reminiscent of Dombai; compare this photo of the Dombai Futuro.

That said with the exception of the mountains in the background top right of the photo, and I am not certain that is what I am seeing, the remaining factors, snow, color and roof vents could also match Futuro #000 when it was located in Turenki; this photo illustrates.

On balance I think this is most likely a photo of Dombai but I certainly cannot be sure. If anyone is able to positively confirm this location I would appreciate you contacting me either by using my Contact Form or by email.

Futuro - Screenshot From BBC Show Graham Motley recently contacted me to tell me about a very interesting Futuro "sighting" on British TV. Graham wrote:

"The British TV channel BBC1 has a magazine program called The One Show. On the show broadcast on the evening of 4th November 2015 was a very dull item about another BBC1 show called Strictly Come Dancing. During this item an ageing couple of dancers called Carol and Derek were being interviewed when up popped a photograph of them presumably taken in the 1970s, which has a couple of Futuros in the background. It looks like they were being used for a Solid Fuel (coal) campaign. The show can be accessed for the next few weeks at the URL given. The photo appears at 50 mins and 15 secs into the program."

The streamed show can be accessed here but only from UK IP's so I have been unable to watch the footage. That said both Graham and also Craig Barnes [owner of "Futuro 22"] were kind enough to send me screenshots - thanks guys.

The footage did not identify the location; the Futuros were not referenced and just appeared in the backdrop. Waterside Plastics, which manufactured the UK Futuros, is known to have exhibited at the Brighter Homes Exhibition in Manchester, England in 1971 [see the Todmorden Futuro] and this photo certainly has the appearance of an exhibition setting so it may be from there but that is just conjecture.

Given the color of the Futuros it is possible they were the ones that ended up in Burnley, UK and Wrightington, UK but once again that is just conjecture.

If you are able to add any more specific information about this location please let me know either by using my Contact Form or by direct email.

Futuro - Unknown Location Somewhere In South AfricaThis photo at left is from the book Mika Taanila: Human Engineering and depicts a Futuro as seen in the iconic Taanila film Futuro: A New Stance for Tomorrow.

While techinically the location of this shot is not completely unknown, it is known to be somewhere in South Africa, nothing more precise than that is known about the location; hence its inclusion here.

If you are able to add any more specific information about this location please let me know either by using my Contact Form or by direct email me.

Futuro - Unknown Location In USA - Early 1970's - Photo From Brett ColquhounBrett Colquhoun has made several contributions to this site and has a great collection of vintage photographs [they can be found in The Colquhoun Archive]. Brett recently uncovered the photo at left in a family album which he says was taken by his father during a trip to the USA in the early 70's.

My first reaction to this was that it was likely a photo of the first USA manufactured Futuro when it was on display at Philadelphia Airport; not entirely sure why but for some reason that is what it reminded me of. However having looked a little further at photos of Philadelphia Airport [one example can be found here] I no longer consider this a possibility for several reasons:
  • Philadelphia was a dark blue color and while this is a black and white photo the color seems to me to be too light to match.
  • The Futuro displayed at Philadelphia Airport was mounted on the European style of support ring while US Futuros generally have the support struts passing through the outer sections and mounted to the internal frame. This photo is small and even blown up it is hard to tell but it looks to me like this has the standard USA support structure.
  • I wondered if the road like features in the background of the photograph might be airport taxi-ways. Looking at the blown up version of the photo these almost look like they may be water.
I have amassed several thousand Futuro photographs and I have a somewhat aging and ailing memory so currently I cannot identify this Futuro and so I am adding it here. If you can identify this location please let me know either by using my Contact Form or by direct email me.

Futuro House - Possibly Keitele - From Museum Of Finnish Architecture Futuro Exhibit Poster 1998 - Photo Credit matti SuuronenThis photograph, credited to Matti Suuronen, is far too small and unclear to positively identify unless you know the location, which I do not.

The photo is one of several on this poster for the small Futuro Exhibition that took place at the Museum Of Finnish Architecture in the autumn of 1998 that I added to my collection of "Things Futuro" this past week.

It is possible that this photo shows Futuro #000 in Keitele where it served as Matti Suuronen's summer cottage from 1977 until mid-1980s [prior to that it had been in Turenki]. If you have any information about this location or can confirm [or for that matter refute] that this is Keitele please let me know; you can use the Contact Form or email.

Futuro House - Unknown Location From Brett ColquhounThis photograph was among several shared by Brett Colquhoun whose father was involved with the Futuro in Australia back in the early 1970's. It shows a location I have not seen before. It is possible it is Albury, NSW but that is just conjecture [for more info see here].

If you have any information about this location please let me know; you can use the Contact Form or email me.

AND THEN AGAIN MAYBE NOT 060714 | It seems as if I may have been a little hasty here and that this may not be the Taunusstein Futuro after all [at least not in its current location].

Achim Breiling reminded me that the photo in the Home & Taanila book is annotated "Germany April 1969" [the location is not identified] and he also reminded me about this document, a history of Expotechnik [In German - English copy here], which tells us that the company was founded in 1968 in Kemnat near Stuttgart and that it did not move to Taunusstein until 1971.

Prior to 1971 the company was already involved with Futuro having, among other things, created the Futuro themed Diehl stand for the 1970 CeBIT expo. In theory they could have become involved with Futuro and then moved to a location that already had a Futuro but that seems to be an unlikely scenario. More likely they placed the Futuro when they moved to the Taunusstein campus. With the "unknown location" photo dating from 1969 it now seems to me very unlikely that it was taken at Taunusstein and while it could be a photo of the Taunusstein Futuro at a previous location there is no real evidence for that and it could equally be another unit "somewhere in Germany" in 1969.

Futuro House - TaunussteinThis renewed doubt about the location prompted me to take a closer look at the photo and photos of Taunusstein and I noticed a difference I should have noticed before.

Take a look at the "unknown location" photo and the photo of Taunusstein at left: note the supporting leg struts. In Taunusstein the leg struts are single vertical struts whereas in the "unknown location" photo we see the more usual angled "pairs of leg struts."

None of this is conclusive of course but I have to say that for me this photo has gone back into the "unknown location" category.

Futuro House - Unknown Image From Domus 861IDENTIFIED 052614 | It seems that I was on completely the wrong track after all; this is a photograph of the Futuro House in Taunusstein. The photo actually appears in the Home & Taanila book Futuro: Tomorrow's House from Yesterday on page 46 and is dated April 1969. My thanks to Yves for a very quick response.

This photograph appears on Page 1 of the "Review " section of issue #861 of Italian architecture and design magazine Domus. The location of the photograph is not identified either on the page the photo is shown or in the two page article on the Futuro House on pages 2 and 3.

The article makes mention of the 2000-2001 "Vision & Reality - Conceptions Of The 20th Century" exhibition which was held at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark; Futuro #000 [now at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands] was featured at "Vision & Reality" and I am wondering if this is a shot from there but from an angle different to any I have seen before - having said that I could be on completely the wrong track. If you know this photo and its location please let me know; you can use the Contact Form or email me directly.

Now Identified

Futuro House - Facebook Kirill Grekov - Unknown LocationIDENTIFIED 011217 | Based on information received from Mark Foster & Brett Colquhoun I am now sure that this is the Futuro once located in Darwin.

The thing that was causing me to doubt this was Darwin was the positioning of the roof vents in relation to the entrance. Everything else about the photo was in line for Darwin including the number, type and grouping of the roof vents, the fact that the entrance door seemed to not close completely, the appearance of the interior through the windows and the general landscape around the Futuro.

As with many things the answer was rather simple and I should have thought of it. The Kirill Grekov photo is reversed. Both Mark and Brett came to this conclusion after looking at the car in the photo, a Chrysler Valiant, which had the gas cap located on the wrong side.

Rotating the photo 180° resolves this inconsistency as far as the car goes but it also puts the location of the vents on the roof of the Futuro in relation to the entrance back in alignment with other photos of Darwin.

My thanks to Mark and Brett for solving this little "mystery".

I recently came across this photo that was posted to Facebook posted by Kirill Grekov.

The single short comment that accompanied the photo was "США" or, in English, "USA". However almost certainly this is not a Futuro in the USA either current or past based on the location of the entrance door. US Futuros had the entrance door located immediately below one of the windows whereas in units manufactured in Finland and other countries the entrance door was located centrally between two windows which is what we see in this photo. Though it may have occurred I am not aware of any Futuros in the US that were imported from elsewhere.

My memory is not always the best and I have accumulated thousands of Futuro photographs over time and I did not immediately recall seeing this location before. A quick scan of some of my photos did not reveal anything exactly matching this location and in most cases the configuration of the roof vents did not match.

That said the photo does however appear to be very similar to photos of the Futuro once located in Darwin including matching roof vents but with one major difference, in every other photo I have seen the smaller, non-central, roof vents are in a different location relative to the entrance door than is seen in this photo [looking top down these vents are located clockwise from the entrance door in this photo and counter clockwise in others - example here].

I believe it is possible that the section with the door could have been located in a slightly different position during disassembly and reassembly either on site for some reason or during a move; though it could potentially cause issues with fixtures and fittings I believe the sections are largely interchangeable. That said I have enough doubt for me to classify this as an unknown location at this time.

If anyone is able to provide any information about this location I would appreciate you contacting me either by using my Contact Form or by email.

Futuro House - Unknown Image From Domus 861IDENTIFIED 122014 | Turns out my memory was faulty [as it increasingly seems to be these days] on this one. Marko Home emailed me and reminded me that Polykem had manufactured Futuros in Ruotsinpyhtää after they had sold the original Futuro factory in Hiekkaharju which makes it most likely that the photo of a Futuro under construction was a shot taken in Ruotsinpyhtää.

As far as my suspect memory is concerned not only had I spoken to Marko about this before I also found two previous mentions of Ruotsinpyhtää on this very website; one on the Pöytyä page from all the way back in 2012 and a second in reference from earlier this year in the entry relating to one of the Futuro brochures in my collection.

An article on the Futuro House in Volume 10 Number 4 of the Finnish publication RakennusViesti is accompanied by this photograph of a Futuro at a location I do not recognize.

Based on Google Translate [which struggles with Finnish so I am not overly confident in the translation] the caption under the photograph appears to mention the town of Ruotsinpyhtää. However I have never come across mention of a Futuro there so I am not confident in saying that is where the photograph was taken.

In most cases where I do not recognize a location it ends up being my faulty memory and someone very quickly points out the location; we shall see if that is the case this time. If you do know this photo and its location please let me know; you can use the Contact Form or email me directly.

Futuro House - Estonia - Jimmy TenorIDENTIFIED 051014 | This is indeed a photo of the interior of Futuro #002. However it is not Lieto; the Futuro was in Pärnu, Estonia at the time. Footage from the Jimi Tenor music video "The Year of the Apocalypse" shot using the Futuro while located in Pärnu confirms this; the house visible in the right window of the Futuro shot can be seen in the video at 1:47 and 2:43 [my thanks to Yves for this information].

Achim Breiling who has made many contributions to these pages sent me this photograph, an interior shot of a Futuro with a view through the windows that might aid in identifying the location. The thought is perhaps Futuro #002 [now in Matsalu, Estonia] during the early 1990's in Lieto, Finland. If anyone can identify this location please let me know. You can use the Contact Form or email me directly.

Futuro House - KauhavaIDENTIFIED 050314 | This photo is of the Kauhava Futuro. My thanks to Achim, Marko, Otto and others for the info and to Yves who actually told me in his original email which I did not read well enough!

This photograph was sent to me recently by Yves Buysse; thanks Yves, interesting photo. Other than the fact that I believe this is in Finland I have no idea where this Futuro was at the time the photo was taken. The location does not look like any I have seen before and I also do not recall a unit "perched" atop such high narrow concrete pilings. If you know where this is let me know. You can use the Contact Form or email me directly.

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  1. Australia - Larrakeyah, Darwin
  2. Australia - Puzzle park, Murray Bridge, SA
  3. Germany - Wittlaer, Düsseldorf
  4. Germany - Birminghamstraße 119, 65934 Frankfurt am Main
  5. Germany - Haigerloch
  6. Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
  7. Taiwan - Tingtão Rd, Wanli District, New Taipei City, Taiwan [4 of 13 Demolished]
  8. USA - Broadkill Beach, DE
  9. USA - 8216 N Semmes St, Tampa, FL 33604
  10. USA - 911 Van Buren Street, Annapolis, MD 21403
  11. USA - 4378 Pleasantview Rd, Harbor Springs, MI
  12. USA - 3 Cox Ave, Harvey Cedars, New Jersey, NJ
  13. USA - Seaside Heights, NJ
  14. USA - 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA
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  1. Australia - Bungwahl or Byron Bay, NSW | Until 2013 | Now FOUND
  2. Australia - Doncaster Shoppingtown, Doncaster, VIC | Until Mid 1970's?
  3. Australia - Ferntree Gully Rd, Scoresby VIC | Until 2004 | Now FOUND HERE & HERE
  4. Australia - Sokil Arts Eco Retreat, Wensleydale, VIC | Until 2006 ?
  5. Belgium - Groenendaal | Until ?
  6. Canada - Mont Blanc, Quebec | Until ?
  7. Canada - Lake Memphremagog, Quebec | Until ?
  8. Finland - Kerava | Until 1988?
  9. Finland - Konnevesi | Until 1977? | Now FOUND
  10. New Zealand - Pihanga Road, Kuratau | Until Early 2000's
  11. New Zealand - 111 Queen St, Thames 3500 | Until Early 2000's
  12. Russia - Sochi | Until ? | Now FOUND
  13. South Africa - Multiple Locations | Until ?
  14. The Netherlands - Unknwon Location | 1970's
  15. Ukraine - Yalta | Until ? | Now FOUND
  16. United Kingdom - Ivy Bank High School, Burnley, Lancashire | Until 1980's
  17. United Kingdom - Courage Low Lane, Wrightington, Lancsashire | Until 1970's
  18. United Kingdom - Todmorden, West Yorkshire | Until Early 1980's
  19. USA - 715 Clark Road, Bailey, CO | Until 2009 | Now FOUND
  20. USA - Unknown Location, CO | Until ?
  21. USA - Baltimore, MD | Until ?
  22. USA - Harbor Springs, MI | Until 1979? | DEMOLISHED
  23. USA - Seaside Heights, NJ | Until 1980's | DEMOLISHED
  24. USA - Storytown USA, Lake George, NY | Until Late 1980's?
  25. USA - Multiple Locations, Philadelphia, PA | Until Early 1970's
  26. USA - Route 611, Pipersville, PA | Until Mid/Late 1990's?
  27. USA - 3930 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098 | Until ?
  28. USA - 41 Thorny Point Rd, Stafford, VA 22554 | Until 2003/2004
  29. USA - Virginia Beach, VA | Until 2008/10
  30. USA - Janesville, WI | Until early 1970's? | Now FOUND
  31. USA - Lake Michelle, Hurley, WI | Until ?
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  1. Finn-focus Export Fair | 1968 | England
  2. Internationale Kunststoffhaus Ausstellung der Welt | 1971 | Germany
  3. MUDAM - Tomorow Now ... | 2007 | Belgium
  4. RADAR - The Eagle Has Landed ... | 1990 | Finland
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Reported locations which have beed researched are listed individually below. Reports of locations, both past and present, that have not yet been researched can be found here. If you can provide any additional information about any of these please let me know. I can be contacted by email or by using my Contact Form.
  1. POSSIBLE/LOST | USA - 206 & Mansgrove, Princeton, NJ
  2. DEBUNKED | Australia - Italian Club Rd, Coober Pedy SA
  3. DEBUNKED | Australia - Dobson Street, Watson, ACT
  4. DEBUNKED | Greece - Nikolaos Xasteros Futuristic House
  5. DEBUNKED | New Zealand - 4 Thornicroft Rd , Waitati 9085
  6. DEBUNKED | South Africa - Piering Road, Johannesburg
  7. DEBUNKED | USA - 11374 Tara Dr, Plantation, FL 33325
  8. DEBUNKED | USA - [Near] 8300 Tauchens Rd, Sebring, FL 33872
  9. DEBUNKED | USA - On I-72 Near Monticello, IL
  10. DEBUNKED | USA - Flagship Hotel/Pleasure Pier, Galveston, TX
  11. DEBUNKED | USA - Cox Farms, 15621 Braddock Rd, Centreville, VA
  12. CONFIRMED | USA - County Road J Outside Rockland, WI
  13. CONFIRMED/LOST | New Zealand - Pihanga Road, Kuratau
  14. CONFIRMED/LOST | USA - 4378 Pleasantview Rd, Harbor Springs, MI 49740
  15. CONFIRMED/LOST | USA - Indian River Road, Pungo, VA
  16. CONFIRMED/DEMOLISHED | USA - 911 Van Buren Street, Annapolis, MD 21403
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  • 90 Futuros were manufactured [see notes below for the basis of this number]
  • 67 Futuros have been identified/confirmed at 62 separate locations
  • 13 Futuros have been identified/confirmed as demolished
  • 80 total Futuros are accounted for
  • 10 Futuros or 11% remain unaccounted for
Why 90 units?

As of the 072918 updates to this site I have increased the estimated manufacturing total for this version of the "stats" to 90. That is actually an arbitrary number but I believe that there must still be more Futuros out there yet to be "found" and perhaps others that have been demolished but not yet recorded as such and as of 072918 I had definitively accounted for 80 total Futuros. Given that would have meant all Futuros were "accounted for" I decided to make this arbitrary increase in the estimate.

Why 80 units?

I have updated this version of the statistics to assume 80 units manufactured simply because with 69 currently identified units [as at 122113] continuing to base it on 70 units manufactured meant all but one unit was identified and I have to assume that I am not that close to identiying every unit manufactured.

Why 70 units?

This version of the statistics has been updated [the previous estimate was 60] and is now based on a total manufactured number of 70. The basis for this revision is a recent email conversation in which Marko Home indicated that the original estimate of 60 was made around the time the his book Futuro - Tomorrow's House from Yesterday By Marko Home and Mika Taanila was published and based on information available at that time. Since then additional new, or at least previously unknown, Futuros have been discovered and he has now revised his estimate to somewhere between 60 and 80. In my mind there is no more reliable source for Futuro information than Marko and, based on his revised estimate I am taking the middle road for now and assuming a total of 70 Futuros were manufactured.

In this case I have excluded the Wanli "Futuros" on the basis that the photographic evidence does show significant differences to the "standard" Futuro and the "Googies" since they are simply not Futuros despite the fact that almost all sources describe them as "modified Futuros". Furthermore if only 70 were manufactured and the Wanli units and "Googies" were counted according to my listings I would have more confirmed units [80 at current count] than were actually manufactured which seems to me to be more than a little unlikely.

In the end either this version of the "statistics" may be correct, the one below may be correct or maybe neither is correct - you be the judge! For what it is worth I now tend to this version based on my judgement of the reliability of the source of the production estimate.

In either case the statistics are based on "confirmed" locations and include existing and "demolished" units. Lost and/or rumored units are not included. All of my information is the most up to date I have but obviously some could [and likely is] out of date so if you have later data or corrections please let me know.

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  • 96 Futuros were manufactured [this is the most commonly quoted number]
  • 81 Futuros have been identified/confirmed at 67 separate locations
  • 17 Futuros have been identified/confirmed as demolished
  • 98 total Futuros are accounted for
  • All Futuros are accounted for [plus 2]
Why 96 Units?

There are many widely differing reports as to how many Futuros were actually manufactured. In all of the research I have done the most commonly quoted number is 96 [though I have been unable to ascertain the original source of that number]. However since that is the most often quoted number I can find I am basing this version of the statistics on the assumption that 96 Futuros were manufactured.

Using a similar rationale of "common wisdom" I am including in this version of the statistics the Wanli "Futuros" and the "Googies". While it does seem like the Wanli "Futuros" may possibly be something other than "Futuros' and the "Googies" are definitely not Futuros, modified or otherwise, most articles and web pages do refer to them as such and so for the purposes of this version of the "statistics" I am including them.

In the end either this version of the "statistics" may be correct, the one above may be correct or maybe neither is correct - you be the judge! For what it is worth I now tend to the "70" version above based on my judgement of the reliability of the source of that production estimate.

In either case the statistics are based on "confirmed" locations and include existing and "demolished" units. Lost and/or rumored units are not included. All of my information is the most up to date I have but obviously some could [and likely is] out of date so if you have later data or corrections please let me know.

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  • DATES: the "Confirmed" date listed for a location is the latest of:
    • the date of Google Earth imagery showing a Futuro at the location
    • the date of an image or video showing a Futuro at the location
    • the date of a report confirming a Futuro at the location
  • LOCATIONS: the address listed is accurate and lat/long is known unless listed as:
    • "Approx" - lat/long is known but address is only approximate
    • "Vicinity Only" - lat/long & address unknown or withheld for privacy reasons
  • LETTER CODES & NOTES: letter codes against a location indicate:
    • Googie - the unit(s) at this location are modified Futuros known as "Googies"
    • m - there are multiple Futuros on site at this location [# indicates the count]

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