The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.


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465 McDonalds Rd, South Morang VIC 3752, Australia | 37°38'57.98"S 145°4'36.98"E
Featured Image Courtesy Of FuturoHouse.com | Date Unknown
Google Maps | Street View Date December 2007
Futuro, South Morang, Australia  
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Update 100116

The photo below was taken 093016 and posted to Instagram by annasatin. Looks like at least for now another Futuro is being "left to die"; she certainly appears to be deteriorating as time goes on.

South Morang Futuro - annasatin On Instagram - 093016

Update 122415

The three photos below, some of the best I have seen of this Futuro, were posted to Facebook by Terry Smith.

South Morang Futuros - Terry Smith On facebook - Photo 1

South Morang Futuros - Terry Smith On facebook - Photo 2  South Morang Futuros - Terry Smith On facebook - Photo 3

Update 021213

The photos below are screenshots from "Nice & Classy", the sixth episode of Australian TV Show "Myf Warhurst's Nice" first broadcast 071812.

This first set of screenshots are from footage that comes from the late 60's or early 70's. The footage appears to show a Futuro on display at an exhibition but I have not yet been able to identify which exhibition or even which country the footage was shot in.

Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 1

Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 2 Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 3
Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 4 Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 5

This second set of screenshots is of the South Morang Futuro.

Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 6

Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 7 Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 8
Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 9 Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 10
Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 11 Futuro, Myf Warhurst's Nice 12

Original Images 101611

Image by pnutz | Dated 111106

Futuro, South Morang, Australia - Alt 1

Additional Images:
Update 060615

It seems that this Futuro, while still on site, has been sold. I received an email this week from Phil who has been trying to find a Futuro to purchase. Phil tells me that when he made inquiries about this Futuro he was advised by the current owners that it had in fact been sold.

Though the unit is still on site and the full amount of the purchase has not yet been paid apparently a deposit is being held and the transaction is expected to be completed. The owners would not indicate the sale price but did say it was a "significant amount". There is no information at this time about whether the Futuro will be moved and, if so, where it will be moved to.

Update 021213

I received an email from Ben Bowering this morning. Ben lives in the Melbourne area now but has lived much of his life in Adelaide. He told me he had just been watching a program on ABC television which had featured a short segment on the Futuro House which had brought back a childhood memory of seeing the Deep Creek Futuro way back in the early 70's when it was located on Melbourne Street in North Adelaide. Interestingly Ben recalls his father thinking it was something of an eyesore which seems to have been a not uncommon view at the time.

The TV program was "Nice & Classy", the sixth episode of the Australian TV Show "Myf Warhurst's Nice" which was first broadcast 071812. I managed to find a copy of the program online; the program included Futuro footage from two eras. There is some vintage footage probably from the very early 70's, perhaps the late 60's, showing a Futuro on display at an exhibition. I have not yet been able to determine which exhibition the footage is from or for that matter which country it was shot in.

The second segment of film is contemporary and shows the South Morang Futuro. I was fairly sure it was South Morang as soon as I saw it and the commentary, placing it in "Outer Melbourne", along with the video itself [in particular a shot showing a red roofed building nearby] confirmed it. It is interesting to note that while everything I have come across previously indicates that the Futuro was being used as a storeroom the TV program tells us that the Futuro is actually inhabited and that the current tenant is "an Irish backpacker". Certainly the footage shot of the interior indicates an inhabited Futuro.

I am not displaying the video here; I am sure it would be a breach of copyright, so if you would like to see it I am afraid you will have to seek it out yourself as I did. I did however grab some screenshots and they are displayed at left. The first group is from the vintage footage and the second is of the South Morang Futuro.

Ben - thanks for sharing your memories and for pointing me in the direction of the TV program.

Original Information 101611

This Futuro was relocated from 299 Plenty Valley Road, Greensborough north of Melbourne, Australia where it served as a sales office for local realtor to its current location over 20 years ago. It is currently used as a storage building by the Go-Kart Track at the Grand Prix Training Center in the South Morang suburb of Melbourne.

The Futuro was featured on the cover of the Autumn 2010 issue of Architect Victoria Magazine [Dead - see pdf here] with a short article appearing inside the magazine.

Latest Confirmed Date

South Morang - Latest Confirmation - 052917 - bugnboxThis photo by inner_northern_delights taken 052917.

The original photo can be seen on Instagram here.

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