The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.


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Cheltenham, Australia [Vicinity Only]
Featured Image From Instagram | Image Date 082217
Google Maps Street View | Imagery From July 2017
Futuro, Cheltenham, Australia - Instagram Unknown 082217   Futuro, Cheltenham, Australia - Google Maps July 2017
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Notes, History & Resources
Update 050518

Based on a little research following an email I received from Martin Williams it now seems that my conclusion that this Futuro is one of the two previously located at Scoresby and auctioned in 2004 was in error. Specifically both Scoresby Futuros can be placed at locations other than Cheltenham on dates that this Futuro was already in Cheltenham.

More information can be found in the Sokil Arts Eco Retreat section that has been added to the "Lost Souls" page as a result of the same Martin Williams email. The previous history of this Futuro for now remains unknown to me.

Update 090217

When I added this Futuro to the site recently I concluded it was likely the second of the two Scoresby Futuros. Following the addition to the site Paul McNeil emailed me telling me he actually recalled the auction and the buyer of the second Futuro. Paul tells it this way:

"New Futuro image I am pretty sure is the other futuro that was auctioned at Caribbean Gardens ... I can't remember the guy's name ... He owned a furniture making business. But people in melb keep telling me they keep walking past it. The guy came to auction and was interested, but only bought it because I told him what a bargain it was! And sure enough its still sitting there!"

So, based on known history, disposition of the other known Futuros in the region and on Paul's recollection I am now convinced this is indeed the second Scoresby Futuro and I am marking it as "Found" on the "Lost Souls" page. That said that is just my opinion and you may of course disagree. If anyone can add any certainty one way or the other let me know. I can be contacted directly by email or you can use my Contact Form.

Oringinal Information 082617

A few days ago I came across the "featured image" top left on Instagram. Based on the comments that accompanied the post it was not difficult to track this down to an exact location in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia.

Google Earth satellite imagery shows the Futuro as far back as 021206. Imagery dated 040505 though not 100% clear and conclusive appears to indicate the Futuro was not at this location at that time so most likely the Futuro arrived between those two dates.

It is possible this is the second of the two Futuros that were located in Scoresby and auctioned in 2004 [the other was moved to Lorne and is now believed to be in the Perth area]. While the timing is not perfect as it looks like this Futuro was not moved to Cheltenham until after 040505 it could have been stored somewhere for a period between removal from Scoresby [almost certainly in 2004] and arrival in Cheltenham. In addition the color is right and the roof vents also appear to match.

On balance while I think it likely this is the second of the two Scoresby Futuro's there is no evidence on which to say that with 100% certainty. That said whatever its history this cannot be one of the currently known Australian Futuros as they are all accounted for during the period this disassembled unit has been in Cheltenham so this is a "new" addition to the list of known Futuros.

While this Futuro has sat on the side of the street for over a decade without issue I am not including the exact location here on this page. Seems like that would be an invitation to someone with a Futuro passion but no scruples who might otherwise never have known about this Futuro to drop by with a truck one night.

For the same reasons I am not including links or references to the Instagram post that alerted me to this Futuro; if I could locate it easily then so could others. However I do want to extend my thanks to the poster - you know who you are.

Latest Confirmed Date

Personal email correspondence regarding imagery from the Australian service Nearmap which confirmed Futuro on site as of 032218.

Sources & Reference
  • Google Earth/Google Maps
  • Paul McNeil
  • Serena Curti

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