The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.


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County Highway J, Rockland, WI 54653, USA [Approximate] | 43°50'25.57"N 90°55'39.85"W
Featured Image Courtesy Len Peltier | Image Date Unknown
Google Maps | Street View Imagery Dated September 2012
Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Courtesy Of Len Peltier  
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Notes, History & Resources
Update 092317

This photo was posted to Instagram by xoxodanajean 092217. When I first glanced at it I was not sure what the location was. After reading the comments which clearly reference Rockland and its current owner Doug [at least as far as I know - no news yet on the "tentative sale of the Futuro] to be honest I was still not convinced; in my mind I simply could not reconcile the location seen in this photo with that seen in photos of the Rockland Futuro.

However after spending quite some time looking at photos of Rockland, various views in Google Maps and Google Earth and a few other resources I finally managed to convince myself this photo is indeed a photo of the Rockland Futuro [I believe it is taken from a position NNW of the Futuro].

Rockland Futuro - Instagram by xoxodanajean - 092217

Update 051017

This original press photo is 9 ⅞" by 7 ⅞" in size and dates from 1970. It shows this Futuro during its time at the Playboy Resort in Lake Geneva.

The lower part of the photo and the accompanying description clipped from a newspaper article is affixed to the back of the photo; the text reads:

"No, Lake Geneva is not being invaded by little green men from outer space. The Futuro, a versatile living module that can be used as a vacation home, is formed of fiber glass in the shape of a flying saucer."

Among other markings and annotations on the rear of the photo are a red stamp that reads "Sentinel Copy" [perhaps the Milwaukee Sentinel], a date stamp in red which is a little unclear but I believe reads 041870 and a stamp identifying the location of the photograph as the "Playboy Club-Hotel, Lake Geneva, Wis, 53147" and the photographer as one Sol Frishman.

Press Photo, 041870 - Lake Geneva, WI, USA - Front Photo

Press Photo, 041870 - Lake Geneva, WI, USA - Back Photo

Update 111216

Owner Doug Flahaut is considering selling his Futuro and is currently open to offers. He sent me the photos below to provide a little more information about the Futuro for prospective buyers.

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Owner Photos 110712 - 1

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Owner Photos 110712 - 2  Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Owner Photos 110712 - 3

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Owner Photos 110712 - 4  Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Owner Photos 110712 - 5

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Owner Photos 110712 - 6

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Owner Photos 110712 - 7

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Owner Photos 110712 - 8  Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Owner Photos 110712 - 9

Update 102013

This awesome high res photograph of the Rockland Futuro was taken 101213 by Sarah Buehler. Sarah emailed me a copy this morning and allowed me to display it here - thanks Sarah.

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Sarah Buehler 101213

Original Images 100512

The imagery for this Futuro House in Google Maps is perhaps a little less than convincing though clearly the size of the unit is correct. The three images below are screenshots from Bing Maps, not always my favorite, but in this case they are much clearer than Google Maps.

The images are [from top to bottom];
  • Bing Maps Aerial View
  • Bing Maps "Bird's Eye" View [looking north]
  • Bing Maps "Bird's Eye" View [looking south]

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Bing Maps Aerial View 110512

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Bing Maps Birds Eye View North 110512

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Bing Maps Birds Eye View South 110512

The satellite imagery currently being displayed in Google Maps is actually not the latest Google can provide. Google Earth dates the imagery used in Google Maps as from 033107 and yet in Google Earth there is imagery from 062710. The image below is a screenshot from Google Earth based on that satellite imagery.

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Google Earth Imagery 062710

If you have or know of any other images of this Futuro please let me know.
Update 072917

Owner Doug tells me he now has a prospective buyer for his Futuro with a "close" tentatively planned for the fall.

Update 111216

Owner Doug Flahaut let me know this week that he is considering selling his Futuro and is currently open to offers. Doug also sent along the series of photos at left and a little historical information. Doug wrote:

"The history as was passed down to me is that it was purchased new by a playboy club in northern Wi. It was later moved to a vacant lot and converted to a beauty salon. It was also converted to a realty office at the same location. I was told that it was then moved to the "Galaxy Mall" somewhere around Madison Wi.? It was then moved to Camp Wakanda near Westfield Wi. where it was used for computer camp in the 80s. I bought it from Camp Wakanda twenty some years ago?"

The history is rather interesting in that it identifies this Futuro as being the one that was first located at the first Playboy Resort in Lake Geneva, WI. That Futuro is reported to have then been moved to a piece of land south of Janesville. Reports are that a Ford Dealership later used it for a promotion and that it eventually was moved north of Interstate 90/39 near what is now a Best Western. Its subsequent history is unknown. More detail about the "Janesville" Futuro can be found here.

It is not that unusual for the early history of Futuros to be a little clouded and sometimes conflicted, the history passed on to Doug does not specifically mention Janesville or a Ford Dealership and the reports relating to Janesville make no mention of a beauty salon but the Futuro could, and likely did, serve multiple purposes over time not all of which are noted in any particular version of its history. What is consistent in these reports however is that this Futuro is the one that started out its life at the Playboy Resort.

So; on balance it appears to me that this Futuro is the one that first appeared at the Playboy Resort and then later in Janesville, WI; obviously sometime post Janesville it must have been refinished in a different color as the Janesville unit was blue. As a result the Janesville Futuro which has, up until now, been listed as a "Lost Soul" is now reclassified as "found"

For the record this information also, in my opinion, cleared up reports of a Futuro serving as a salon in Sun Prairie, WI. that were listed on the "Myths and Legends" page.

Once again there are some discrepancies; those reports suggest that the salon was in a strip mall called the The Galaxie Plaza. The history given to Doug reports a salon, location unknown, with the Futuro later being moved to the "Galaxy Mall" somewhere around Madison Wi. In my experience these "conflicts" are often simply the result of memories becoming a little clouded over the years and these two "histories" are consistent enough for me to be certain they relate to the same unit.

Doug tells me that while the Futuro is missing windows and the door it is very restorable. From the photos we can see that at some point not only did the door go "walkabout" the actual entrance was modified with the height of the entry being increased such that it "merged" with the window above it resulting in a Futuro with an oversize entry way and 15 windows rather than the standard 16 windows around the circumference of the unit.

Also visible in a couple of the exterior photos is the fact that the two lower viewing windows are painted over. These "windows" do not appear to be visible in the interior photos and it is unclear whether this is simply window glass that has been painted over or if there was some structural modification to "close" the window openings.

The interior shots also show us that this model appears to have the most common US structure consisting of 8 sections that were, if normal process was followed, mechanically joined and sealed to form two hemispheres at the time of manufacture.

Disassembly of these units has proven difficult in some cases, such as the failed attempt at Media which resulted in significant damage to that unit, but in other cases this has not proved to be a problem [for example when the LA Futuro was moved from Colorado]. In the end whether or not the unit will easily disassemble cannot be ascertained from the photos and would likely not be known until an attempt is made to actually take the unit apart.

If you have an interest in making on offer for this Futuro or if you would like more information please register your interest using the form below:

Please Note | TheFuturoHouse.com has no ownership interest in this Futuro and makes no representations as to its condition. TheFuturoHouse.com has no role in any possible offer and/or sale other than hosting this form for those interested to use to make inquiries. All submissions made using this form will be forwarded to Doug, owner of this Futuro.

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Update 081313

When I first added this Futuro to the site there was no Street View imagery in Google Maps at this location. Though the latest satellite imagery available in Google Maps/Earth remains unchanged the Google car has obviously done a drive by and there is now Street View imagery dated 090112. A screenshot can be seen below - seems there is some construction going on around the Futuro. You can take a look yourself in Google maps using the link above.

Futuro, Rockland, Wisconsin, USA - Google Street View 090112

Original Information 100512

On 090912 I added an entry to the Myths & Legends section of the site regarding a reported Futuro somewhere around Rockland, WI. At the time I classed it as "indeterminate"; I was unable to find a Futuro but neither was I able to disprove the existence of one. Now thanks to some great detective work on the part of Len of FuturoHouse.com the status is no longer "indeterminate" as a Futuro has been confirmed.

The Futuro is located, as reported initially, on County Highway J; it lies four miles or so south of Rockland.

The Google Maps imagery for this location is less than convincing and appears somewhat distorted. Interestingly Google Maps is not currently displaying the latest imagery Google has available; the imagery displayed is from 033107 but there is imagery from 062710 available in Google Earth. A screenshot from this imagery can be found at left.

I do not often use Bing Maps but in the case of this Futuro the imagery available in Bing is clearly better than that available in the Google Maps and Google Earth. You can find three screenshots at left which show the Futuro much more clearly than Google.

Given that this is a "new" or at least newly rediscovered Futuro the search is young but so far I have found no additional information on this unit so if you know anything about its history or you have or know of any photographs I would love to hear from you.

My thanks to Len of FuturoHouse.com fame for the discovery and the photo and to my good friend Achim Breiling for telling me about this discovery.

Latest Confirmed Date

This photo taken 092217.

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