The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.


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1502 Mattke Rd, Woodruff, WI 54568, USA [Approximate] | 45°55'30.65"N 89°44'45.15"W
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Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - PodUpNorth  
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Update 120416

Nicholas Lodge sent me these nice photos showing the Futuro ready for winter and wearing a "snow cap". The photos were taken 112616. Thanks for sharing them Nicholas.

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Nicholas Lodge - 112616 - 1

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Nicholas Lodge - 112616 - 2  Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Nicholas Lodge - 112616 - 3

Update 060615

Rob O'Hara and his family recently took a vacation in Wisconsin and stayed in the "Pod Up North". Rob posted a great set of photos on his website and kindly allowed me to share some of those photos here [I particularly like the dusk shot]. The photos below are just a selection from Rob's Gallery.

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 1

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 2  Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 3

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 4  Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 5

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 6

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 7

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 8

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 9  Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 10

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 11

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 12  Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 13

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 14  Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 15

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Rob O'Hara Photos - May 2015 - 16

Update 052214

The "Pod Up North" just got herself a little facelift. Drew was kind enough to send me the photos below which provide a "before and after" look at the Futuro either side of a good cleaning the unit just received. As Drew put it "What a difference a little cleaning can make ..." Thanks for sending the photos Drew.

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - Before Cleaning 051914

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - After Cleaning 051914 1

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - After Cleaning 051914 2

Original Photos & Video

This video is from a DNTV News magazine and includes an interview with someone who rented the PodUpNorth for a vaction [the clip includes other stories - the PodUpNorth interview starts at about 2:18]

The owner of the PodUpNorth, Drew Poggeman, has scanned the PodUpNorth GuestBook and created the following video from the scans.

Additional Images:

The folowing images are all from the PodUpNorth website. For many more images and information or to rent the PodUpNorth for your own vacation check out their website.

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - PodUpNorth - Interior 1

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - PodUpNorth - Interior 2

Futuro, Wisconsin, USA - PodUpNorth - Interior 3
Update 062418

I had not come across any updates regarding this Futuro post its sale at the end of 2016 until recently when I received an email from David Dalena. David, who is from from Boothbay Harbor, Maine wrote in part:

"Yesterday I was standing near the road (Lakeside Drive) chatting with my neighbor, when a huge truck carrying a rounded wedge of fiberglass with oval windows went by. She said, huh - weird boat (we see a lot of boats go by every day). But this was different, and I recognized that it might be one of those futuristic fiberglass houses from the mid-20th century. Another truck passed by with another piece this morning, so I googled "fiberglass spaceship house" and found your site. I was scrolling through the photos with another neighbor this afternoon, and I said "it looked just like that one" when I saw the photo of Pod Up North. Almost fell over when I saw your update that it had been sold and was being relocated to Maine."

I am not aware of any other US Futuros that are currently "on the move" and, given that previous information was this Futuro was being relocated to Maine, it seems highly likely that this was a sighting of "The Pod Up North" on the way to its new home.

Update 120416

Owner, or more accurately ex-owner, Drew let me know recently that his Futuro had been sold. The new owner plans to move the Futuro to a new location in Maine in the spring.

Update 060615

Rob O'Hara recently took the opportunity to experience life in a Futuro when he and his family took a vacation in Wisconsin and stayed in the "Pod Up North". Rob took a great set of photos and some of these can be found at left [my thanks to Rob for allowing me to display them here]; the full set can be found in Rob's Gallery

There are many interior variations to be found in Futuros both in the US and elsewhere but Rob informs me that the "Pod Up North" seems to be little changed from the "standard" US design. The interior appeared to match almost exactly the "standard" interior found on this floorplan even down to the shape and size of the dining table.

I have expressed doubts elsewhere in these pages as to the reasonableness or otherwise of statements made back in the Futuro's "heyday" that it could comfortably accommodate eight people [which were presumably based on the original Finnish design which featured individual bed/chair units rather than the "couch" set up seen in this and other US Futuros].

Rob actually took a tape measure to the question and he tells me that rearranging the couch cushions created two 6' by 3' "beds" for his children; the remaining cushions could have created a further 9' by 3' "bed" which was more than enough for one person but obviously not sufficient for two. With two sleeping in the full size bed in the bedroom this meant that the Futuro could comfortably sleep five. Anyone additional to those five would likely be left sleeping on the floor.

Update 081313

Though I was reasonably certain I had the location of this Futuro "down" the imagery previously available in Google Maps was not good and I could not be 100% sure. Thanks to updated Google Maps satellite imagery dated 050913 I am now sure; this latest satellite imagery shows the Futuro clearly.

Original Information 092511

If you are anything like me and have an interest in [or maybe even an obsession with] the Futuro House owning one would be just amazing but frankly beyond the means of most of us. What might be the next best thing? How about renting one for a vacation?

Drew Poggeman can offer you just that opportunity with the PodUpNorth. Located with private access to Lake Sumach, Wisconsin the PodUpNorth provides an opportunity to take a vacation in your own private "UFO" and experience the picturesque landscape of Northern Wisconsin at the same time.

As the interior images show Drew has obviously put a lot of love into the restoration of this Futuro and it now features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and a TV/DVD combo with, yes you guessed it, a collection of sci-fi movies. A word to the wise though; the Futuro was designed and publicized as offering accommodations for 8 adults. As I have observed elsewhere on more than one occasion I honestly cannot imagine that. I have never been in a restored, habitable Futuro but I have been in a derelict one and so have some perception of its size; for 8 it is not. My view don't look here for more than the nuclear - 2 plus 2 - family or perhaps best I bet this would be a wonderful place for that romantic gettaway for two you have been planning for years and just never got around to.

For full details, lots more images and a whole lot more information check out the PodUpNorth website. It appears to enjoy a pretty good occupancy rate for the May through October season with rates around the $500 a week mark [2011] so if you are interested you might think of booking early [current availability is on this page]. Full contact information for Drew is available on the PodUpNorth website.

Location Note: The lat/long, address and embedded Google Map represent the result of a couple of hours scouring Google maps and Google Earth. The Futuro is not clear and it is entirely possible the location is incorrect. However having said that I can find nothing else even remotely approaching the appearance of a Futuro anywhere on the map that could conceivably have private access to Lake Sumach so I have to conclude that the location information I am providing is correct. If you know otherwise please let me know.

Latest Confirmed Date

Email from David Dalena 061218.

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