The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.


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Karuizawa, Japan [Vicinity Only]
Featured Image courtesy of James Cashmore | Image Date 100817
Google Maps | Imagery Date 100817
Futuro - Karuizawa - James Cashmore - 100817   Futuro - Karuizawa - James Cashmore - iPhone / Google Maps - 100817
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The featured image above and the photos below were all taken by James Cashmore 100817; many thanks for sharing them James.

Futuro - Karuizawa - James Cashmore - 100817 - 1

Futuro - Karuizawa - James Cashmore - 100817 - 2

Futuro - Karuizawa - James Cashmore - 100817 - 3

Futuro - Karuizawa - James Cashmore - 100817 - 4

Futuro - Karuizawa - James Cashmore - 100817 - 5

Futuro - Karuizawa - James Cashmore - 100817 - 6

Matti Suuronen's Futuro CV [see the "Finnish 20"] indicates that two Futuros manufactured by Polykem were exported to Japan. These Futuros were, to the best of my knowledge, installed in Yokohama and Karuizawa.

The current locations of the these two Futuros has to date been unclear. One was almost certainly the Futuro now located at the Felicia Academy in Maebashi but until now it was unclear which one and there is evidence the one installed in Karuizawa was still there until 2001 based on a "for sale" listing [see issues 16, 19 and 20 of Casa Brutus] but there was no indication of what had happened, if anything, to it since 2001.

That all changed this week when James Cashmore sent me an email following a visit to the Karuizawa Futuro just a few days ago [100817]. Since the Karuizawa Futuro is still in Karuizawa it now seems almost certain that the Maebashi Futuro is the one that was initially installed in Yokohama. The Karuizawa Futuro was the first of the two to be installed; one of the "extras" on the DVD that accompanies the book Futuro: Tomorrow's House from Yesterday is some very cool footage [by Polykem's Peter Stude] of its construction.

In his emails James told me that the Futuro is located:

"... near Karuizawa, on private property hidden amongst trees."

and he goes on to add that: "[the Futuro] needs rescuing, but it's almost intractable from behind a property deep into trees ... It's a shame that it's not being taken good care of but at least it's dry and hidden from too many peeping eyes!"

James also sent me several photos [they can be seen at left] which clearly show a Futuro in need of a little TLC.

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Personal correspondence 111818.

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  • James Cashmore

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