The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.


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9961 Central Ave, Carlisle, OH 45005, USA | 39°35'19.17"N 84°20'17.02"W
Featured Image By Darth Bengal | CC 2.0 | Image Date 042307
Google Maps | Street View Imagery Dated August 2011
Futuro, Carlisle, OH, USA  
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Update 072917

There is a photo of these Futuros and a DeLorean a little further down the page. I recently came across this photo by hotrodshopinbfe which continues that same theme but with a very different style of vehicle. The original photo can be found on Instagram here.

Futuros, Carlisle, Ohio - hotrodshopinbfe - 072617

Update 112714

This rather cool photo showing the "twins" as they appeared 111914 was shot by army.arch *Adam* and is displayed here with Adam's permission; thanks Adam. The original photo can be found on Flickr.

Futuros, Carlisle, Ohio - Adam - 111914

Update 042714

The photo below was used as part of a 2014 April Fool's Day based marketing ploy by MetroParks of Butler County; more information can be found at right.

Futuro, Carlisle, OH, USA - 2014 April Fools Day Prank Photo

Update 033013

Uniquester visited the Carlisle "Twins" 032213 and captured this great close-up shot. The photo is displayed here with permission; thanks Uniquester.

Futuro, Carlisle, OH, USA - Photo By Uniquester

Update 072812

Image By Jeremy Popp on DMCTalk.org | Image Date Unknown

Futuro, Carlisle, OH, USA With Delorean

There is something of a parallel between the DeLorean and the Futuro; both could be said to be "futuristic" at the time they came out [and arguably still so today] and both ultimately failed in the "mass" commercial sense but subsequently achieved something akin to "cult" status. I often find the "green eyed monster" stalking me when thinking Futuro and Jeremy Popp and his Delorean seem to give rise to a similar feeling. Seems like the Futuro and the DeLorean just go together like "peas in a pod".

Original Images & Video 090811
Not that it really matters but the first and third photographs are dated the same but one is probably dated incorrectly as one shows the area covered in snow and in the other there is not a sign of snow.

ZX2ManDave shot the video below from a car on the way past the "Twins".

Update 080616

An email I received recently from Allison Gibbs added a little additional information about the history of these units. Allison wrote that the Futuros:

"... were owned by the Martz family, long time residents and business owners. From what I understand, the first one to be installed was [previously] at the Wright Brother's Airport in Springboro, OH. It was delivered by a flatbed, super-wide semi. The second, from the stories I've been told, used to be a doughnut shop somewhere. It was put in place with an aerial drop by helicopter. Quite the to-do in a small, suburban farm town, circa early 1980's."

This confirms earlier information about the previous location of one of the Futuros but also adds new information regarding the second unit having previously served as a doughnut shop. Also interesting, and new, is the information that the second unit was flown into Carlisle by helicopter.

Thanks for the information Allison.

Update 112714

I received an email this past week with a little history on one of these two Futuros from Tom; thanks for the information Tom. Tom tells me that:

"One of these Futuros was originally installed at Dayton Wright Brothers Airport. It was there for several years in the 1970's, but was then moved to the current location that you show. I do not recall when the second Futuro was added nor where it came from. It has been there in the configuration shown in your photo for many years, at least 15 years."

So far I have been unable to find any additional information and no photographs. As always if you can add anything be it history, personal recollections or photographs I can be contacted directly by email or by using my Contact Form.

Update 042714

In 2013 the Royce City Futuro was the subject of an April Fool's joke on PlanetRockwall.com; one year later in 2014 the Carlisle Futuros were similarly used in an April 1st article on Cincinnati.com.

In the article [which now includes an update indicating the article was a marketing ploy by MetroParks of Butler County that took advantage of the April Fool's tradition] we read that:

"Butler County park rangers are investigating after a passing motorist reported strange phenomena at the park [Voice of America Park] Thursday morning. The man ... told park officials he observed an "odd-shaped piece of construction equipment" ... he observed several workers with the vehicle, but as he approached, the workers "scrambled" into the vehicle, which then began to make an "odd humming/vibrating sound" and "disappeared completely," ... The man provided a photograph he said he took of the object with his mobile phone ... "

The photograph was of course a photograph of this pair of Futuros. I wonder which Futuro will be so used next year?

Original Information 090811

Other than the photos linked here, the video and some other photos out there I cannot seem to find any information on this pair of Futuros other than a comment by Jan Segrest on RoadSideAmerica.com from 101200 to the effect that they had been on site for years and are [or at least they were at the time] lived in and the fact that the Wikipedia Webpage on Carlisle, Ohio mentions the Futuros.

Would love to find out more about these Futuros so if you have any information please let me know.

Latest Confirmed Date

Carlisle - Latest Confirmation - 092618 - corrieblissitThis photograph by corrieblissit taken 092618.

The original photograph can be seen on Instagram here.

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