The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a "portable" ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.


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44 Selwyn Street, Pohara, 7183, New Zealand | 40°50'03.15"S 172°52'17.56"E
Featured Image By Tobias | Image Date 021207
Google Maps | Satellite Imagery Date 010313
Futuro, Pohara, New Zealand  
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Update 041616

Paul Nightingale who posted this photo to Twitter a few weeks ago was kind enough to send me an additional couple of photos of this Futuro which are shown below. Interesting to note that the Futuro is "attached" to the dwelling. Paul describes the Futuro's entrance steps as being like:

"... an internal staircase into the rest of the house. Its pretty cool and expands both."

Futuro, Pohara, New Zealand - 032916 - Paul Nightingale -2

Futuro, Pohara, New Zealand - 032916 - Paul Nightingale -3

Update 040316

There are Futuros that seem to be photographed on an almost daily basis and others for which there are very few photos. This Futuro falls into the latter group and until today I had only ever seen one photo of this unit. The photo below is the second. It was taken by Paul Nightingale 032916 and posted to Twitter. The photo is displayed here with Paul's agreement.

Interesting little "side note"; Paul's tweet included the comment:

"I'm staying in a Futuro house lit by lava lamps..."

Seems very appropriate for a Futuro House; in my mind the lava lamp is quintessentially "70's".

Futuro, Pohara, New Zealand - 032916 - Paul Nightingale -1

Original Information 122912

The featured image, displayed courtesy of Tobias, accompanies a 021207 post on the blog "The New Zealand Story" [Swedish | Google translation to English here].

I have not been able to locate any other photos of this Futuro; if you know of amy please let me know - thanks.
At the time of writing the Futuro in Pohara is a "new" one for want of a better word. Of course we know there are no "new" Futuros, manufacture ceased decades ago, so this could be more accurately described as a "newly rediscovered" Futuro.

Once again I have Achim Breiling to thank for yet another "discovery". The story of how Achim came upon this Futuro is interesting and demonstrates how the internet and its search capabilities can turn up information in the most convoluted of ways.

The "discovery" was actually a result of trying to find the location of the Aland Islands Futuro. Pouring over Google Maps eventually revealed the location of the Aland Islands Futuro; it was located on an small island called Storbroskär.

With the island's name in hand a Google search on that term produced a photoblog on the website fotodagboken.nu that included a short comment along with photos of the Aland Islands Futuro. The comment described the Futuro as a "tefatshuset" which Google translates to "saucer house".

A second Google search, this time on the term "tefatshuset" turned up a post on the blog "The New Zealand Story" [Swedish | Google translation to English here]. One of the pictures that accompanied the blog post was a photo of a Futuro; a photo that showed a Futuro in an unrecognized location. The text of the post included the following [translated from the original Swedish by Google]:

"The last picture depicts a Space Age-house we found in Pohara."

It was then just a matter of starting up Google Maps one more time and this time searching the small beach town of Pohara; that search revealed a "new" Futuro at 44 Selwyn Street, Pohara, 7183, New Zealand.

Google Earth satellite imagery places the Futuro in Pohara as late as 010711 and as early as 081003. The New Zealand real estate website zoodle.co.nz includes the great aerial shot shown below but this imagery is undated.

Futuro, Pohara, New Zealand - Zoodle

At this time I have no idea how long the Futuro was at this location prior to 081003 or where it might have been previously; as always we could speculate but I have no documented evidence to work with at this time.

If you do happen to know anything of the history of this Futuro or have any additional images I would love to hear from you.

Latest Confirmed Date

Google Earth satellite imagery dated 081516.

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